Londons gatehouse structures cmbs like islamic securitisation

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Jan 20 London-based Gatehouse Bank has structured a 100 million euro ($116 million) Islamic loan facility backed by direct legal ownership of property, a novel type of securitisation which in some ways resembles commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). Conventional CMBS were hit hard by the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis seven years ago and were seen by some bankers as a source of the crisis as mortgages became non-performing.

The Islamic version developed by Gatehouse, one of Britain's six full-fledged Islamic banks, may be less unstable because although it is based on income from commercial property, it includes actual ownership of the underlying property. Gatehouse structured and arranged the five-year deal to fund its acquisition of property in the Paris region.

Securitisation in Islamic finance is still in its infancy. Regulators in Malaysia introduced guidelines on asset-backed securities (ABS) in 2001, revised in 2004, which also cover sharia-compliant ABS.

In 2013, Munich-based FWU Group issued a $20 million Islamic bond backed by insurance policies, the first tranche of a $100 million programme arranged by EIIB-Rasmala, a venture between London-based European Islamic Investment Bank and Dubai's Rasmala Group. Gatehouse Bank issued a 6.9 million pound.